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The Eighth {OFFICIAL POST} June 27, 2010

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Hello One and All!

Welcome to The Eighth {OFFICIAL POST} of Miss Maggie Mae Kay’s {OFFICIAL BLOG}. The summer is kicking off and so is the blog- keep reading and keep getting involved! I love to hear suggestions for the Cutie, questions about fashion, and even feedback on the story. I know its not really making sense, but I do promise that in time it will all pull together.

And so, without any more ado, I present to you The Eighth {OFFICIAL POST}.

The Cutie of the Week:

This weeks cutie comes to us from my favorite television show of all time- Bones. I cannot believe I haven’t used this one yet! He’s a beautiful specimen of man and he’s a good ‘ol Catholic boy!

Well of course I’m talking about Booth!

Special Agent Seeley Booth is tough guy, former sniper, with a big heart. He enjoys comic books in the bath tub, playing with his young son Parker, and of course, working cases with Dr. Temperance Brennan (whom he fondly calls Bones). He’s the real deal and we love him for it. (Of course, his super sexy bod does help as well.)

Well needless to say, Booth you have won our hearts. Here’s to you Special Agent Seeley Booth, you are this week’s cutie.

Fashion Emergency:

Hey guys! I haven’t received any fashion emergencies this week so I’m going to give you a little introduction to a small endeavor I’m working on.

Do you have a blouse that just doesn’t have the pizzazz you’re looking for? Or maybe you have a dress that you just wish had different straps? Maybe you just need a pair of pants hemmed or a skirt.

Well, never you fear! Miss Maggie Mae is on her way!

If you have clothing alterations that need to be made at a decent price, then just send me an email to arrange an appointment. I will offer my sewing services to you at low prices.

My specialties are in dress re-vamps and fix-its.

Happy Fashion,

Miss Maggie Mae Kay

The Story:

What it Means to be a Beaumont

By Miss Maggie Mae Kay

A Flash Forward

“Hey mom! I’m going over to Malthy’s! Be back by ten!” It had taken years, but the girl had at last grasped onto the local vernacular and became, well, somewhat normal. She was, of course, no where near being completely normal. After all, humans generally cannot fly.

“Alright dear! Have fun!” the now ‘pushing-40’ Margaret called from the living room. She was situated comfortably in an armchair with a glass of whiskey on the rocks clasped gently in her right hand. Now retired, she moved her small family to out to the rural unknown. They were now far away from any ugly city birds and busy body neighbors. She was now free to simply relax at home with her 16-year-old daughter as her only companion.

‘Alone at last.’ She thought to herself while taking a sip from the glass. ‘All alone.’


“Hey baby!” Mir called to the old pick up truck. She ran to the driver’s side door with its open window. She leaned into it for a kiss and received one promptly.

“Hello beautiful.” Their eyes latched onto each others as if the entire world would collapse if they blinked. He rested his chocolate hand gently on her vanilla cheek and rubbed it with his callused thumb. It was then that the spark was lit, the one that is within each of our hearts. It’s a stubborn tinder that will only ever take for one person. It creates a burning inferno of passion and care.

As Mir felt the fire burn, a smile stretched across her face. She knew that this was love. A smile can say more than words ever could, and it is indescribable what her’s were speaking. At that moment, there was a symphony issuing from them; a symphony of smiles, a symphony of love, and a love burning bright.

To be continued….


Well that concludes this week’s post! Please check out the Be A Part! page and send me your fashion questions. They can be about anything fashion related! Keep an eye open next week for The Ninth {OFFICIAL POST}!

This is Miss Maggie Mae Kay signing off.

Have a stupendous week!


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