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The Seventh {OFFICIAL POST} June 13, 2010

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Hello One and All!

Welcome to The Seventh {OFFICIAL POST} of Miss Maggie Mae Kay’s {OFFICIAL BLOG}. Now you’re probably wondering, “Hey! Miss Maggie Mae Kay! Why wasn’t there a super-cool post last weekend? Well folks, here’s your answer – Last week I was in Sunny California. I was spending the weekend on Catalina Island for my sister’s wedding, and cannot express how happy I am for her. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Bergman!

I hadn’t had any time since to work on the blog and so was unable to put a post up. I apologize for this. The rest of my summer is looking fantastic and less chaotic, so hopefully I won’t have any more delays. (One can only hope of course.)

Now last time brought quite a bit of confusion with the story. That said, I’m going to take the time and spend quite a bit of this weeks post on the story. It will all make sense soon, I promise! So, without any more ado, I present to you The Seventh {OFFICIAL POST}.

The Cutie of the Week:

I had a hell of a time coming up with a cutie. I started with something vague and then ended up with Cary Elwes. Needless to say, this is not where my mind stayed.

No, this week does not bring us another foreign man (this one being well past his prime), this week brings us a man so passionate, so devoted, so gosh-darn talented that only TV could bring him to life.

Mr. Shu. (Or Schuester if you like to be proper.)

Yes, Mr. Shu is a man to whom we can all look up to. He’s your typical American cutie pie- he married his high school sweetheart, divorced her, slept around, and led a Glee club to…well… near victory. Yes, he’s everything a gal could ask for. Honest, loving, caring, gorgeous, and he can speak a foreign language… kind of. (I mean he teaches Spanish and it’s hard to say if that’s really a foreign language or not.)

But in any case, he is a winner in our hearts and in this blog.

Here’s to you Mr. Shu, you’re this week’s cutie.

Fashion Emergency (formerly ‘Fashion Re-Do):

Due to the course this section has taken, I’ve decided to give it a more appropriate name. Enjoy!

Miss Maggie Mae Kay,

I’ve been invited to a “jazz party”, and they describe the suggested costume for women as being a ‘shapeless dress’, which, as we both know, is not the most flattering type of dress for me as I am plus sized. I figured that this would be fun for you– a period costume from the jazz age, modified for today’s curvy woman. I wish you were here so we could do this in person…


Well Lana,

I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer this one so I had to look up some ideas and I found a descriptive picture that I think is absolutely perfect. It tells you exactly what to look for in your dress. So here it is!

I hope this was helpful!

Good luck,

Miss Maggie Mae Kay

The Story:

Now, now story got a little confusing for A LOT of people last week, so this week I will be more or less re-explaining what’s going on. I hope this helps!

What it Means to be a Beaumont

By Miss Maggie Mae Kay

An Explanation

Margaret had heard the girl count down. She had heard the springs in the old chair whine as she jumped. She didn’t look up from her research, but kept an ear open for the impact. She strained now for the sound of something hitting the floor, but none came. Her eyes tore away from the pages in front of them and what they saw was nothing short of shocking. Three feet above the carpeted floor hung the young girl in mid-air, smiling. She dropped her papers and rubbed her eyes. ‘Perhaps I shouldn’t have had that glass of wine,” she thought to herself.

“Look mother!” The young girl was now pushing the air behind her so to move forward. She was flying.

“But … how?” Margaret raced for an answer in her mind, and it landed on a feather; feather white and pure; a feather that had been a symbol of peace in her family for three generations. This was the same feather that she had thrown into a random mix of what had somehow become this girl. Her boss still had no idea what she had created. No one did, and it would be better it stay that way. No one was ready for this. It took months for Margaret to come up with any reasonable plan and even that had been changed.

She used what she could, extracted what she could, and in one final desperate act, added that feather and Mathias’ small brown curl- a gift from his mother as it were. That was that. She left her mish mash in the dark- all alone in that lab, for three years. By that point, Mathias had become a clouded memory and her job called her to more research than experimentation. In fact, in was merely an accident that she had stumbled upon the girl at all. No one had been in that lab in those years. It was seldom used, which was why she had chosen it for her experiments in the first place. She had meant to go one corridor further to collect some specimens from storage.

Even though she had stumbled upon her purely by accident, she had not regretted it. In fact, it was her saving moment. Without it, that last spark of brilliance within her would have gone out completely, but as it were, the fire had been completely rekindled. She loved this girl as strange as she was, and was ready to take on any peculiarities that she may have. Mir Beaumont was the beginning of her new life.

To be continued….


Well that concludes this week’s post! Please check out the Be A Part! page and send me your fashion questions. They can be about anything fashion related! Keep an eye open next week for The Eighth {OFFICIAL POST}!

This is Miss Maggie Mae Kay signing off.

Have an exciting week!


One Response to “The Seventh {OFFICIAL POST}”

  1. thewayistalk Says:

    I like your blog.
    While not a recurring character, I would have preferred Mr Neil Patrick Harris as cutie of the week and cutie of actors in Glee. However since you’re referring to the character that they play in the show I guess Mr. Shu is the way to go.
    Cant wait for next post.
    See ya

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