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The Sixth {OFFICIAL POST} May 31, 2010

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Hello One and All!

Welcome to The Sixth {OFFICIAL POST} of Miss Maggie Mae Kay’s {OFFICIAL BLOG}. I know this is a couple days late, I fully apologize. I have been moving the past few days and it has left me completely drained. I would also like to mention that from now on posts will be posted on Saturday mornings rather than the usual Fridays. So, without any more ado, I present to you The Sixth {OFFICIAL POST}.

The Cutie of the Week:

Well hello there! Welcome to this week’s Cutie!

This weeks cutie is ….

Zefron is not and never shall be the cutie of the week. (

…not Zefron. Thank you.

Fashion Re-Do:

Now, this week left me with no fashion mail at all. I am, however, prepared to give you some good old summer advice for re-vamping a dingy wardrobe.

If you are anything like me, you are always trying to find ways to make a wardrobe new again. In my experience, the best time to do this is during the late spring and throughout the summer. This is what we savvy shoppers refer to as “Rummage Sale Season!” So here are some tips to get the most out of a rummage sale adventure:

  • Check out any online Classifieds, Newspapers, and even Craigslist for sales in your area. Be sure to read the descriptions as well. Map out five to ten good matches in close proximity to each other, get your friends together, and check them out.
  • Another helpful thing is to go through your clothes before hand. Try things on. If they don’t fit, keep it in mind to replace them. If they just don’t fit your style, think of ways to change them.
  • Keep a list in your head- or even on paper- along with a budget, and then shop away!

I would also like to extend to those of you in the cities the offer of my services if you are looking to have some clothes re-vamped. This is my specialty and I would be more than happy to help you out. For more information about this, please email me at

Thank you all for catching up and good luck to you in any shopping adventures that come your way!

Like what you read? If you have a fashion question in need of an answer, please email me! My email can be found on the Be A Part! page.

The Story:

What it Means to be a Beaumont

By Miss Maggie Mae Kay


There was darkness, warm and inviting yet slightly foreboding. There was only darkness. One thought passed and one eye opened. The one eye closed as the blinding light seeped in. The darkness was once more, but was now found to be uninviting and cold. One eye opened, followed by a second, and then squinted. The eyes grew accustomed to the lights as one finger flexed, soon followed by the rest. One door opened as one woman entered the room holding one tray. One thought passed as one word escaped, “mother?”


Margaret doped the tray that she had been carrying. Looking over to the examination bed she saw the product of her work: a little girl with feather soft brown curls and skin as white as snow. Her large blue eyes were now completely open and had adapted to the lab’s bright lights. She had spoken.

“Mother?” She spoke again. Her voice sounded like a dream: young and wise, wiser than Margaret could ever hope to be. “That is the proper title for a woman creator- is it not?” Her voice, so youthful and yet so adult, sent a single shiver down Margaret’s back.

“Yes, that is correct.” She finally responded.

“I thought as much. And what name is it that I shall be referred to? As I am a being of thought and soul it is custom that I too should have a name.” She was right of course and Margaret was left speechless. The fact that anything had come of her desperate experiment was miracle enough, but a fully functional being was beyond even her comprehension.

“It appears you are right of course. You are a reflection of the man known as your father, that is for sure, but have my eyes as it should be.” She pondered a moment on these thoughts. “I am also one for traditions when fitting and so an “m” name it shall also be.” And that’s when it dawned on her. “Miranda. I shall call you Miranda.”

“I find that a lovely fit, but would much prefer a shortened version if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. I shall refer to you as Mir, if that so pleases you.”

“That pleases me well, thank you mother.”

Margaret’s stomach lurched: she was the m word.


Mir sat in front of the large window that over-looked the entire city. It had been three months since she had awoken for the first time, and she only grew more intelligent. Her mind, now fully developed, was now making advanced connections, connections that proved even beyond Margaret’s comprehension. Margaret found it best to simply challenge the girl to her limit, spark an interest in discovery.

The young girl was contemplating the inner-workings of the skyscrapers when one ugly city bird flew past the window. It had caught her off guard, but hadn’t frightened her, as very little seemed to. She examined the fat bird as it eyed up the cobwebs on the ledge, deciding whether or not they would be considered food. Convinced it would not taste good, the lonely and fat city bird took off to another building, barely flapping its wings as it went.

“Mother,” her tone insinuated a question. “How is it that birds can fly but people cannot? Why is it that I cannot fly as the fat city-bird does?”

It took Margaret a few moments longer than usual to come up with an appropriate answer.

“Well, I suppose it has to do with bone density. You see, dear, birds are born with hallow bones and feathery wings to help then soar.”

“But how is it that I cannot do as he does. He must weigh more than any swallow in the country.” She pondered for an answer, and one came.

“Well, why can’t you?” She smirked and pointed to the tall chair in the opposite corner. “Go on, give it try then.” Mir caught on to the challenge and went into the other room, when she returned, she held to kite’s in her hands. She strapped one to each her arms and stood upon the chair.

“Three, two, one,” she called. And on one, she jumped and flapped, expecting a cold hard floor to soon be beneath her feet. It never came, and one first smile crept along her one set of perfect lips.

To be continued….


Well that concludes this week’s post! Please check out the Be A Part! page and send me your fashion questions. They can be about anything fashion related! Keep an eye open next week for The Seventh {OFFICIAL POST}!

This is Miss Maggie Mae Kay signing off.

Have a splendid week!


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