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The Fifth {OFFICIAL POST} May 20, 2010

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Hello One and All!

Welcome to The Fifth {OFFICIAL POST} of Miss Maggie Mae Kay’s {OFFICIAL BLOG}. Now last week we took a breather (completely the fault of those horrid exams). I trust that everyone’s exams went well and that you are all settled down for a wonderful summer. Thanks to the weather lately, this has been made easy. (Yay hot and humid weather! … wait…). So, without any more ado, I present to you The Fifth {OFFICIAL POST}.

The Cutie of the Week:

Well hello there! Welcome to this week’s Cutie!

Okay, I know that I have been presenting you with famous (or at least semi-famous) hotties, but today I present you with someone near and dear to me: my best (and newly available) buddy, Cody Kueker. I met Cody last semester in an Ethics class where we quickly exchange insults; needless to say we made an instant connection.

Cody is a romantic fellow who enjoys writing wonderful poetry, reading quirky books, and taking long walks. He’s recently become, in his own words, “liberated” and let me tell yah, he’s a keeper ladies!

So here’s to you Cody, you’re this weeks cutie! Congrats bro!

Cody Kueker- Cutie of the Week May 21, 2010

Fashion Re-Do:

This week I received an email from a good friend of mine:

Miss Maggie Mae Kay,

I always over-pack for events and I’m going on a church mission trip pretty far away from home. It’s over the summer, and we’ll be doing manual labor. There have always been cute guys on my work crew; however, we’re on an Indian Reservation this year, so the normal dress code for church is even stricter. What kind of shorts should I wear?!? They have to be cute, small enough to pack lightly, modest, and not expensive because they’re going to get dirty while I’m doing work.


Well Abby,

I’ve had troubles with over-packing as well. I always find it best, in situations like this, to buy one or two bottoms from Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores. You will be sure to find what you’re looking for and for at least half what department stores will ask.

The type of shorts you should keep in mind would be a Bermuda cut. This short comes to right above the knee, so modesty should be a non-issue with them. They can be found in lighter fabrics and will still help to keep you cool when the weather gets hot. Capris- cut right below the knee- would also be an appropriate choice. They will take up more room, but will cover the other criteria. Each can be a flattering cut, and both are modest.

I hope this was helpful!

Good luck,

Miss Maggie Mae Kay

Like what you read? If you have a fashion question in need of an answer, please email me! My email can be found on the Be A Part! page.

The Story:

What it Means to be a Beaumont

By Miss Maggie Mae Kay

The End in the Beginning

It all ended with a piece of paper, complete with a gold seal. Margaret sat in the back of the church viewing a garnished wood box with what she presumed to be her ex-fiancée inside. It was now July 6th, 1944. Two months since the wedding date, one month since his death. He never even told his family that she left him. He led them to believe that the date had been postponed. Everyday his mother called. All she wanted was a connection; Margaret wished she could give it to her.


“Margaret? It’s getting late, shouldn’t you be heading home?” Dr. Evanston had almost turned the lights off on the young woman in the lab. For the past few months she had completely immersed herself into her work to the point that he was worried for her health.

Margaret jumped having not expected a voice.

“I’m sorry sir.” She shook herself out of it. “I’m, I’m just so close, you see, and….”

“Go home girl. Catch yourself some sleep. You’re starting to resemble a ghost.” She examined her skin, it had indeed become bleak. She hung her head.

“Perhaps you’re right sir. I’ll only be a minute more.” She forced a smile, and he returned the favor. As she returned to her studies, Dr. Evanston shook his head and left.


Her eyes had become gray. Her skin was now the same color as the feather she donned on her jacket. No one understood its meaning anymore, at least not here. She scratched her head in an attempt to remain awake. She thought back to her childhood; how she cherished those days. Her mother and father had died when she was very young, and so she had gone to live with her grandparents, Matthew and Mollie Beaumont, in Zürich, Switzerland.

Life was happy and simple for her there, and seemed as if it would never change. When she was sixteen, her grandfather passed away. The day he died was the day Mollie told Margaret the tale of the feather.

A year later, Mollie followed her husband and Margaret was left alone with a feather.


She bent over her work, almost crone-like. It had been two months since the funeral. She could not tear herself away from the work. She was so close. She new she was! Suddenly a thought passed behind her dying eyes, and lit a new light in them. She stood up strait with a new confidence. From her pocket she removed a lock of hair, and from her lapel she removed the token from her past. She placed them within the experiment and satisfied she went home for a well deserved rest.

It all ended with a feather placed lovingly with the remnants of a lover.

To be continued….


Well that concludes this week’s post! Please check out the Be A Part! page and send me your fashion questions. Keep an eye open next week for The Sixth {OFFICIAL POST}!

This is Miss Maggie Mae Kay signing off.

Have a liberating week!


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