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The Second {OFFICIAL POST} April 30, 2010

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Hello One and All!

Welcome to The Second {OFFICIAL POST} of Miss Maggie Mae Kay’s {OFFICIAL BLOG}. Thank you so much for your support last week! I was left astonished with a grand total of 279 views! Thank you all so very much, and continue to tell everyone about it! I can’t do it without you all! So, without any more ado, I present to you The Second {OFFICIAL POST}.

The Cutie of the Week:

Well hello there! Welcome to this week’s Cutie!

Before I reveal the Cutie to you, watch this video and see if you recognize anyone…

(December 19, 2009 — Music video by Rooney performing When Did Your Heart Go Missing?. (C) 2007 Geffen Records)

Give up? Maybe this picture will help you out.

Princess Diaries (© 2001 - Disney Enterprises, Inc. - All Rights Reserved)

That’s right! This weeks Cutie as best known for his role as the charming love interest, Michael Moscovitz, in Disney’s ® The Princess Diares (2001). Robert Schwartzman, apart from being an actor, is the front-man of the up-in-coming band, Rooney, best known for their song “When Did Your Heart Go Missing,” featured in the Warner Brother’s ® Nancy Drew (2007) soundtrack.

Robert is everything a girl could want; he comes from a famous family (one of his cousins is Nicholas Cage!), has a successful band, a great career, and an epically handsome face. He is the whole package. Good luck on the band Mr. Schwartzman, and congratulations. You are this week’s Cutie.

Robert Schwartzman, The Cutie of the Week April 30, 2010. (, April 29, 2010.)

Fashion Re-Do:

Hey guys! Now, before I begin, I’d like to remind you that it really helps if you send in your fashion questions. It can be anything! I was forced to delve into my past experiences once more for you this week, but hopefully next week I’ll have a question to answer. Check out the Be A Part! page to find my email. Thank you!

Now, on to the Re-Do!

Seeing as it’s just about that time of year, I’ve decided to devote this weeks Re-Do to prom. That’s right, prom!

Last year, I was running tight on my budget so I was able to pull together some cheap fix-it’s to make the perfect prom for me.

The Dress:

Dresses for prom do not come cheap. That is, unless, you buy one from Goodwill! This is exactly what I did. I recommend going in January, and looking closely. I almost missed my dress! Also, keep in mind that you will be spending ten dollars at the most so any alterations will be no problamo! You’d be amazed at what you will find. I altered my dress myself, and had a blast doing it.

The Flowers:

For this crisis I did the easiest thing I could think of: fake flowers and ribbon. I had them laying around my room, but believe me, it’s so easy to find the perfect flower that will last forever, and it’s relatively inexpensive.

For the boutonniere, just take a swatch from your dress to match the color of the flower and the ribbon. You’ll probably need about 4 yds. of ribbon depending on its width and pick a flower bud that is no taller than your thumb. The stem length does not matter as you will cut off most of it, leaving an inch and a half left from the bud. This is the time where you take the ribbon and wind it around and around until it reaches about half and inch onto the bottom of the bud. Make sure there is no stem showing and that it looks pleasant to your eyes.

For the corsage, I recommend taking a wide ribbon and making a bow (as fancy a bow as you’d like) attached to a hair tie. Make the bow about medium size and make sure it coordinates with the boutonniere and the dress.

Right: Corsage Example; Left: Boutonniere Example (sorry for the bad quality guys!)

Always remember that the best way to the perfect prom is to just have fun. Don’t stress over your image! The more fun you have, the better you’ll look!

I hope this was helpful to all you prom goers! If you have any more questions, please email me! My email can be found on the Be A Part! page.

The Story:

Hey everyone! Glad you’re still reading. Now, onto the main event:

What it Means to be a Beaumont

By Miss Maggie Mae Kay

The Real Beginning.

It all started with a glass of wine, gratefully held up to a pair of painted red lips. The owner of the lips was down to the fringe of her sanity. Surrounding her was the cackling, cawing group of gossips known as either the stereo-typical woman, or the potential in-laws. She didn’t care too much for this part of a relationship. Meeting families always annoyed her. She was not a typical woman, nor did she ever plan on being one.

“So, Miss Margaret,” The mother of the household said with her southern twang. “I know that you and my Mathias met at work, but what is it that you exactly do? Are you a receptionist of sorts?”

This had been what she was afraid of. This was the moment of truth. This was a family built on the southern tradition of the wife and mother, the sexist charm of staying at home while the husband slaved to bring home the bacon. They would not approve of her. Margaret was well aware of this, so that was not the issue. It was how they would show their disapproval.

“I work alongside Mathias in the lab.” She said in her cool New England accent. She was not ashamed of a single thing.

“Oh! A lab assistant! How exciting!” Mrs. Cleaver responded. Margaret shook her head.

“No, no. I’m a scientist, ma’am. I have been doing some work on something called genetics along with your son.” The table was silent. This was, surprisingly, a good reaction. This meant that they were confused and not offended.

“Oh, uh, well…” The mother was at a loss for words. “Well Miss Beaumont, you are quite the visionary.”

“Thank you ma’am, and its Doctor Beaumont.”

“Doctor? Doctor of what?”

“Biology.” She had them hooked. Hooked! She couldn’t believe it! They were actually astonished by her success. Margaret was going to be a part of the Cleaver family.


“So, have you thought of a date yet for the wedding?” Margaret asked casually to her fiancé as she carefully mixed some chemicals in an Erlenmeyer flask.

“How about May 6, 1944,” he said with a fake British accent. Mathias looked over to see her smile. Her eyes widened as the contents turned purple and she began to stir.

“May sixth sounds lovely dear.” She narrowed her eyes and smirked. “I think I’ve found something.”

To be continued….


Well that concludes this week’s post! Please check out the Be A Part! page and send me your fashion questions. Keep an eye open next week for The Third {OFFICIAL POST}!

This is Miss Maggie Mae Kay signing off.

Have an epic week!


The First {OFFICIAL POST} April 22, 2010

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Hello One and All!

Welcome to The First {OFFICIAL POST} of Miss Maggie Mae Kay’s {OFFICIAL BLOG}. Its taken several drafts for me to finally come up with a concrete plan, but expect it to change as time goes on. My mind is a continuous craze of brilliance and I hope the blog will match that quality to a tee.  So, without any more ado! I present to you The First {OFFICIAL POST}.

The Cutie of the Week:

For those of you who know me best, you know that I am hopelessly boy crazy. That said, each week I will present to you my Cutie of the Week.

This weeks cutie deserves a slight introduction, otherwise you may not know him at all.

I’m sure that if you’re anything like me, you’ve watched your fair share of Muppet Movies. I know I still watch them every chance I get. This weeks cutie is best known for his role in Muppet’s Treasure Island as non-other than the prepubescent orphaned hero, Jim Hawkins. Unfortunately, his prepubescent qualities (high voice being one of them) caused his character to be mistaken as a young girl often.

Today, Kevin Bishop is a British comedian with is own Mad-TV-esque skit based television show and has grown-up into quite the hunk. Those sparkling eyes that took most young girls’ breaths away are now coupled with a deeper voice and a nice patch of scruff on his manly mandible, and not to mention that gorgeous dirty blonde hair of his.

I am a sucker for the blonde haired, blue-eyed golden boys, so here’s to you Mr. Bishop. You are this week’s cutie.

Cutie of the Week April 23, 2010

Fashion Re-Do:

Now, for this week’s Fashion Re-Do, I’m going to have to use a personal experience. HOWEVER! Please send me your fashion crisis and I will help you to find an easy and inexpensive way to fix-it. You can find more information about this on the Be a Part! page, found on the tab at the top of the page.

So, onto the Re-Do!

A few weeks ago, while on Spring Break, I found myself in need of a large belt, the kind you wear at your waist. So how did I fix this fashion disaster (in time for my sister’s bridal shower the next day)? Simple!

I rushed to my closet and found an old purse that I hadn’t used in eons, took a seam ripper to the straps, cut a little here, sewed the halves together, and viola! I had me a cute belt!

Purse Belt- (Special thanks to Alysia and Nick!)

This one was a little more complicated, but if you like where I’m coming from, send in your disasters and I’ll help you out!

The Story:

As a writer, I have thousands of stories running through my head. One in particular has been in there for about three years and I need to get it down on paper. Each week I will give you an excerpt of the story. Feel free to let me know what you think! Just check out the Be a Part! page.

What it Means to be a Beaumont

By Miss Maggie Mae Kay


It all started with a feather, white as snow and proudly worn. Then a young man, he stood a tall six feet and even taller given the pride of his stride. The sight of him was enough to make anyone turn a head, but the feather is what stopped the women in their tracks.

Matthew Beaumont wore a sign of cowardice upon his lapel with the courage of the most medaled soldier in the trenches. The women, with their baskets full of feathers, stared in astonishment unsure of how to take this. Just who did he think he was?

While they stared and wondered, one of them took note of his apparent bravery and at that moment, her blue eyes became ten times brighter. She dropped her basket to the ground, carefully picked the biggest of the bunch, and placed it in her hair. She then took the arm of the handsome young man, and shared in his pride.

This is how it all began. The first of the great Beaumonts, Matthew and his young bride Mollie took pride in their disgust of the war and their stress on equality for all. This extreme forward thinking became the tradition for the family, and to think, it all started with a feather.

To be continued….


Well that concludes this week’s post! I do hope you enjoyed it. As this is a very new venture for me, I do appreciate any and all (friendly) suggestions and responses. To reach me just check out the Be a Part! page found at the top corner of the page.

This is Miss Maggie Mae Kay signing off.

Have a stellar week!


Hello world! April 21, 2010

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My first {OFFICIAL POST} will be up on Friday April 23, 2010, so keep an eye open for it!